Privacy Policy ensures that the privacy of its visitors is maintained and therefore has set its own privacy policies. Here, the visitors can know how the company collects data of each user and how it wishes to use it. Every time, one land on an online page a trail of information is left behind which is used for various purposes. also has certain online tools placed that help it understand the requirement of each visitor so it can provide the satisfactory services.

The data collected by the company through its online tools is preserved safely and securely. The company doesn’t share any information of its visitors to a third party. The data is collected for various purposes which include internal usage and tailored services. The online tools placed by us are not just for the safety of the visitors but also for us to know the destination of the traffic. This also helps us safely protect from hacking and other online frauds. The privacy policy of the website may change from time to time. Although the company ensures to send an update on the same to its registered users through email, it is also the responsibility of the users to keep checking the privacy policy page from time to time.

What Do We Gather?

We gather information that lets us understand our visitors better. Our focus is always to serve the guests in a fashion that they are never dissatisfied. Having knowledge of what is required we can help tailor content that may suit the interest of the visitors. At times, the visitors are also provided with reference to certain other websites that may match their interest.

The information that is gathered by the company may include location, gender, age, interest and more. The information is also used to improve the user’s experience. The information may also be used by the company to improve its services and stay upbeat. gathers the information that is useful for it and ensures the online safety of it users no matter what may be the case. The information collected by the company is never misused.


We use cookies to collect information. Cookies are one of the safest ways to ask for information and store it securely. The cookies allow the users to either accept or decline the option to provide information. If the information is provided then the company can ensure to provide tailored services that meet the demand of the visitors.

Cookies are also used to keep a tab on the functionality of each web page associated or linked with the website. This is one of many ways used to collect information about traffic and the page activeness on the internet. has cookies that don’t hamper the experience of the users online.

The information provided to us through cookies can be modified. For example, if there is any change in contact details then an email for the same can be sent to us and our professional will get in touch with you for the same.

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